Charles Hearn


An important goal of mine throughout my professional life has been to make things that make people feel good about something. As an employee of the New York City Dept. of Design and Construction, I started as an intern, and left with the position of Senior Designer. I rebranded the agency and changed the city's perception of public design by improving quality of design and not compromising beauty for economy or message. From there I was a snowboard bumb in Southern Colorado, starting at a grocery store as a deli clerk, by the time I decided to get back into the rat race I had designed the grocery stores website and digital outreach campaign and become a butchers apprentice. I am currently working on saving the magazine industry at TIME Inc. Figuring out ways to reinvigorate the importance of trusted quality content from major brand titles like SI and Entertainment Weekly, for the digital space. This has included producing the graphic collateral required to get that content on tablets, phones, computers and devices as they develop in the media landscape. Riding these new waves of tech with the same good content our society depends on for common ground and a communal sense of self.