kathleen frances lampe


My pursuit for creative new challenges, desire to discover the unfamiliar and focusing on excellence to expand my ability to new levels that will push, test, explore and enhance the level of my potential. My experience and expression for attention to detail, organization, developing knowledge and versatility has enabled me to be an important part of a successful work environment. I have the ability to coordinate, delegate and complete multi faceted projects in an accurate, timely and efficient manner. Operating and been involved in all aspects of the business from wholesale, retail, production, design & creating a company from the ground up. All elements that have allowed me to confidently follow through and thoroughly enjoy, even the smallest concept of detail to transform to reality on any project that I take on. My experiences push and allowed me to explore all aspect of the creative mind, not just to fashion but has fueled my passion for design and technical innovation to meet my commitment to building an elegant quality product.