Carlos D. Reynoso

Carlos D. Reynoso


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My name is Carlos D. Reynoso and I am pursuing a life-long dream to work in the action sports industry. The passion and desire that fuels this dream can be traced back to when I was 10 years old and introduced to the world of skateboarding through the “Plan B: Virtual Reality” video. That video ultimately shaped who I am today. It introduced me to a subculture and community that I never knew existed; that was outside of the mainstream. It has left a lasting impression and influence on everything from the clothes I wear and the music I listen to, to the value of commitment and perseverance that I embody.

As a current co-owner of an insurance brokerage firm, I am hoping to contribute my business knowledge and sales/marketing experience and ideally impact future generations in the process. The greatest asset that I bring to the work environment is a strong work ethic. I take great pride in my work: making sure I am doing an outstanding job that will reflect well on me and more importantly, on my company. My current and previous positions have taught me the true value of time management, extraordinary customer service, and the art of professionalism. One thing that separates me from everyone else is my perseverance and persistency to never give up. I do not believe in the words “no” or “can’t” and no matter the task at hand, I will always find a way to get the job done.

My continued involvement in the action sport industry, including snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding has enabled me to acquire the unique talent of understanding “street smarts.” I consider myself to be a worldly individual who is highly proficient at developing long lasting relationships and exceptionally keen at being able to read and engage people. This lead to me to pursue my M.B.A. at ASU so I could bring my education, passion and experience full circle. Earning an MBA gave me an opportunity to solve complex real world challenges on a global scale using various facets of advanced business concepts including economics, supply chain management and marketing. If given the chance, I will be that guy who can always be depended on to go above and beyond day in and day out.

I am available anytime for an interview and willing to relocate.