Natalie Acevedo

Natalie Acevedo

Travel Manager

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I live life to the fullest with a career I love. I believe every day at "work" should fill my soul with achievements I'm proud of. I represent brands and successfully execute experiential events.

My mission: To achieve, excel, and evolve with a brand that shares the same passions.

I have 12 years of experience in the experiential marketing industry and while I'm not burnt out from the nomadic road life, I am looking for more fly in fly out contracts. If you are need of an assistant producer, product specialist, tour manager, or event manager send me a message.

The various jobs I've had have given me the necessary skills to now create a position I know I will enjoy. Within my job, I've had to handle travel for 1 to 15 people. I have networked enough throughout the years that I have obtained special discounts within the travel industry. So, if you (for leisure travel) or your company needs any travel help, I may be able to get you the best deal.

You can find my work experience on Linkedin