Joe Taberna

Joe Taberna

Contingency Coordinator

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Currently I am the Motocross Contingency Manager for I create marketing materials, manage the company’s websites, and oversee event schedule coordination for over 300+ motocross and action sports promoters across the country. For many of those series I manage purse payout assignments for each brand and monitor budget tracking for more than $12 M dollars in available contingency. After contingency is awarded I respond to rider and dealer claims. With 8000+ registered riders and 1,500 dealers there are a handful of claims each day which range from account setup assistance, missing awards, and redemption process education.

Further to my knowledge of promotional and marketing strategies, I confidently coordinate and manage social media outlets to drive consumer interest. As a former Executive Assistant for Spin80 Inc, I acted as the company’s Social Media Manager. My responsibilities included managing posts during and after BMX events. Additionally, I am very comfortable managing business plans and brand management. With both and Spin80, I have extensive experience developing plans for events and contest series and promoting the brand to meet the needs of supporting sponsors.

Lastly, having been a former BMX rider and working directly as a personal assistant for Professional BMX athlete Mike Spinner, I have a strong grasp on how to be successful in the action sports industry. In collaboration with Mr. Spinner, we wrote a business plan, created a budget, and proposed our ideas to develop a national BMX contest series to and Monster Energy; which eventually became a successful part of the Recon Tour. During that tour, I helped with on-site operations and setup, as well as served as head judge and oversaw scoring to provide consistency and cohesion with judging. Working closely with Monster Energy on Recon Tour evolved into assisting in recruiting riders and developing future events.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.