Tisha Strasner


Marketing communications professional with more than 25 years of experience in various B2B and B2C verticals displaying exemplary content marketing, public relations, internal communications, event planning, promotions and strategic marketing practice across a variety of mediums designed to increase sales; retain and recruit customers; as well as build and grow a solid corporate brand. Vast specialties include the enhancement of corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools; effective corporate messaging; stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience; the spearheading of corporate rebranding campaigns; extensive communications with vendors and event support personnel; and the management of efficient and prudent PR campaigns. Professional traits include:

• Innovative project manager
• Team leader
• Creative solution solver
• Consistent communication performer
• Reliable budgeting experience
• Results-oriented marketer
• Dependable and meticulous researcher and analyzer
• Strategic event planner
• Comprehensive, logical thinker
• Aptitude to work with internal and external groups