Taz Sobotka


My name is Taz, and yes it is my real name, I have very cool parents. I believe that passion drives us. It drives me. Galileo Galilei once said "Passion is the genesis for genius". My passion is motorcycles, all things motorcycles. Motorcycles have surrounded me my entire life and I wouldn't have it any other way. They have made me smile, scream, laugh, cry, hurt, love, you name it. One of my lifelong goals is to stay as close to motorcycles as I possibly can, for as long as I can. Whether it's just riding anything with wheels as a hobby, or working in an industry around the sport, I will constantly strive to live out my passion. Just like the way riding a motorcycle makes you feel, my focus professionally is creating experiences that make lasting impacts.

Every day I learn a little more about a lot, and it is a constant goal to keep myself fresh with knowledge. I will continue to learn and will give it my all to grow as a professional every day. The fun part is applying what you learn and seeing success. That earned success is what I strive for daily. I am open to meeting anyone and everyone and if you are interested in connecting please don't hesitate.