Violeta Villacorta

Violeta Villacorta

Apparel + Accessories Designer

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I am currently working remotely on design projects with fashion, accessories and sport-driven companies. I live with my metal artist husband and our dogs around the North American continent in our large fifth wheel-trailer-home-and-workshop on wheels. Outfitted with solar and fully off-grid, I can work from anywhere in the wild or city. Our love for travel and adventure suits our creative, nomadic lifestyle.

Open for relocation with the right fit.

With a design career that extends over 20 years of experience, I work on challenging projects with companies that are leaders in sustainability and innovation; addressing environmental and social issues, while creating beautiful fashion and products. Using my creativity, knowledge, skills and expertise, I help minimize our negative impact on our planet, while generating sustainable, as well as financial growth.

My creative and personal journey built the platform for my work in partnership with indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest through my brand ORG BY VIO I also work with organizations devoted to sustainable development, in order to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the forests.