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A talented, optimistic, and fresh designer with over 15 years experience and a desire to develop your vision and dreams into a genuine creation. I create effective, visual communications that are problem solvers. I'm a multidisciplinary digital creative offering a versatile but focused skill-set, a balance between creative and analytical qualities with an emphasis on user-centric practices. Exceptional interpersonal skills with team members and subordinates. Accomplished at incorporating the desires of the client with a superior design solution. Seeking a company that demands high-quality design to further business goals and professional image. I crave order, love all things design, and seek harmony between work & life.

In life I'm complex with aspirations to live simply. I drive spritely. I nap regularly. I'm a high-tech bargain shopper. I prefer enjambment to end-stopped. A dubious dresser. Apple Macintosh. Opinionated cinephile. Driven. An avid observer. The calm guy at the table. Timely. I give good presents.