Bryan Leonard

Bryan Leonard

Marketing & Design Director

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With a background as a full-time freelancer Bryan's been a busy creative indeed! He's spent more hours crafting the perfect approach to any client and project that comes his way than should ever be discussed. And being a seasoned Creative Director, he's well versed in speaking both B2B and B2C never forgetting the team. A team player for sure, Bryan works with you and your existing team to build your project to the best it can be. With time always against you and your projects, he knows how to get the best result with everything provided.

"A miracle worker, nothing short of Astounding!"

Maybe too high of praise, but sometimes it feels that way when your budget can't take any more and demands are crushing your spirits into oblivion.

Spending most of his time in the print world, you'd think that the digital age of iPads, iPhones, Androids and all other electronically fueled devices have been lost on the creative from Bryan. However this can't be further from the truth. With his classically trained background at Cal State University Long Beach's prestigious BFA in Visual Communications Program, he's worked with such a vast array of clients (Pepsi, REMO, Nissan just to name a couple), that once he gets your concept going, there's no limit to the amount of applications Bryan will craft for you.

Currently Bryan has taken a full-time position at EL & EL Wood Products in Chino, CA. Never having a creative department of their own, Bryan is creating a innovative powerhouse with his extensive background of taking projects from inception to creation to production to results with EL & EL. Riding the wave of new housing development has never been more exciting.

Now, with a background as diverse as his, Bryan is never shy of off the clock work. Drop him a line and he'll book a consultation for you and your project needs.

Specialties:Specializing in solving the complex design problems of everyday business, creating innovative solutions is his forté.

Having a great sense of humor and personable attitude toward problems that arise on projects doesn't hurt either.

Also dealings in International business with China, has become a necessity in today's markets, and Bryan can easily deal.