Tonette Carrion


When working with me you get a versatile - Creative Problem Solver, who digs deep into product creation beyond recycled perspective. The meaning of "trend"? is no longer just about what we wear; it's about how we live life, individual expression and transitional convenience. I evaluate generational overlap related to culture, mind-sets, regiments, desires, and then I combine those assessments with an intuitive focus on how to authenticate product strategy for a customer/brand.

I am a vision-to-action Executive who has spent my career in the trenches of brand & organizational transformation – the point at which current operational realities, long-term business strategy, creative vision, brand reputation & stakeholder interests intersect & where change must take shape in order to evolve current standings. Challenging the status quo to advance people, process and profits, is an environment in which I am most impactful.

By uniquely influencing 4 fashion organizations with global infrastructures, I have become extremely adept at utilizing a bootstrapped, multifaceted mental approach & innate business sense to analyze consumer behavior, ideation, merchandising & product marketing, while streamlining process in order to build opportunities, allowing the companies I serve to market products that perform in varied verticals of B2B, D2C, B2C