Lorena deBruyn Kops


I am currently in search of a new adventure! Please inquire within...

A born and raised Southern California working professional, I have spent the past 11+ years garnering marketing, public relations and project management experience across a variety of industries including sport, lifestyle, design, retail and most recently tech.

My adventurous spirit recently led me to tech start-up Entangled Media in Encinitas, California where I was able to blend my previous sports/lifestyle experience with the rapidly evolving tech scene. I pivoted industries to gain an essential martech skill set and am now prepped and ready for a successful career combining my passions (people, sports & lifestyle) and experience in activation, sponsorship, marketing and creativity. I knew I was taking a risk by joining a startup, a decision I do not regret, and unfortunately the runway has recently run out and the Encinitas office has closed. Onward and upward...

My previous greatest achievements include: assisting in the launch of a complete re-brand, introduction of debut product categories (watches, women's collection, snow helmets and sport performance line), implementation of a brand's revitalized digital advertising strategy, and negotiation and placement of the brand’s first non-endemic advertising campaigns.