Sam Neider


I’m a California transplant, born + raised in Washington, DC, with a B.A. in Media Studies from UC Berkeley. Besides music, my passion is seeing big, entrepreneurial ideas become realities, collaboratively owning the execution of those ideas.

Ah, the favorite LA-conversation starter: “Sooo, what do you do?” For a hot minute it was hard for me to answer that question because I do a lot of everything... The "Sam" Of All Trades, if you will... so I made up a term: I’m a Brand Producer.

"Ok, Sam, but what is a 'Brand Producer?'"

I could respond with: “A glorified project manager;” or “Someone who executes on multi-departmental initiatives and knows how to marry the administrative, strategic, and creative processes within a company…” Oh, wait… are your eyes glazed over yet? Yeah, mine too. Instead of reciting buzzwords + textbook definitions, here’s my story:

Coming from a bloodline of politically-charged anti-authoritarianists, I was exposed to some top-tier movers-and-shakers in the DMV. Crash-courses in the BTS of governing-bodies at an early age only fueled my inner-rebel, who held my hand as I bulldozed every open door to the big, bad world of DC-punk-rock and event media + entertainment. It was only natural that I found surf/skate so intriguing, and dove into the Red Bull scene when I moved to NorCal.

Since then I've assisted the top-dogs in advertising (Cole, Nakata, Boiler, Jarvis, 72andSunny), fought in the trenches of a start up + launched that baby in 2013 (SICKY Eyewear), produced several charity events in surf + music, and branded the [email protected]#K out of a handful of select clients in music, production, yoga, wellness, cosmetics, beverage, tech, and fashion when started my own brand marketing consulting business in 2015.