Andrew Edmondson

Andrew Edmondson

Solutions Architect

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For 17 years, I have worked in high speed, highly visible technical environments to develop new capabilities in direct support of the user. This ranges from business process re-engineering of financial systems to technical innovations for logistics enhancement and the recent employment of big data platforms to crosscut your enterprise data for the big insight. I also love bikes.

I. I am a Solutions Architect and Senior Technical Manager with a diverse technical experience and willingness to grow that delivers purposeful, manufacturable, and sustainable solutions.
A. 17 years of professional experience and high productivity in Information Technology
1. PourMyBeer | CTO | 1 year
2. IBM | Solutions Architect | 6 years
3. Boeing | Systems Engineer | 3 years
4. SAIC | Business Analyst | 3 years
5. Apex | Oracle DBA | < 1 year
6. AT & T | Systems Analyst | 4 years
B. Full Spectrum Technical Management to include: Modern Web, Technical Infrastructure, Networking, Information Assurance, Data Center Ops, Help Desk Ops, Project Management, Contract and SubK management, and the SDLC
C. Proficient in applying Best Practice methods (in development, design, management) to organizations that optimize effort
II. MS , College of Integrated Science & Tech, James Madison U , VA - 2008
III. BS , College of Integrated Science & Tech, James Madison U , VA - 2000