Matthew Bodkin

Matthew Bodkin

Digital Markeing Professional

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Motivated, Detail Oriented & Strategic Digital Campaign Manager

I take pride in where I started and what I’ve grown into. From a fresh-faced ASU grad with a Design degree to the Digital Product Manager I am today. My hope is to always be fine-tuning my craft, learning and adapting to new technologies, and building and fostering relationships new and current.

A typical day for me consists of delicately balancing the set up and execution of different types of campaigns ranging from programmatic display to email. While my scope of work is always adjusting, I make sure to follow strict processes to ensure all components of each campaign are properly set-up, and organized to allow it to launch and run successfully. This also includes routinely checking in to ensure performance milestones are being met, making updates to artwork or landing pages, and providing detailed reports to highlight the campaign goals that were fulfilled.

Each day comes with its own set of challenges as well as triumphs, and that’s what continues to keep me focused on always learning new things in this consistently evolving field. The journey I’ve been on thus far has been quite a ride, and I look forward to what else it has in store for me.

I am always interested in hearing about new and exciting opportunities. I can be reached anytime at