Donn L Pierson


Creative & Design Excellence
• Apparel Design: Woven Tops- button-down, flannel, workwear, blouse, dresses; Knit Tops- polos, sweaters, screen-print tees, cut and sew novelties, hoodies, fitness-compression; Bottoms- trousers, slacks, denim; walk shorts, board shorts, hybrids, skorts, skirts, leggings; Outerwear- technical & lifestyle, H2O-proof, down, poly filled, soft shell; lifestyle, urban, athletic, outdoor and technical genres.
• Accessories Design: hats, caps, beanies, lifestyle and technical backpacks, gloves, socks, belts, luggage, soft travel gear, messengers, cases, duffels, slings, totes, thermal carriers, electronic accessory sleeves, golf bags, dry packs, umbrellas.
• Collection Design: original products that embody the ‘style, form and functions’ required to sell-through assigned pillars; collections that are art driven or technically inspired; gender specific that embody contemporary, heritage and/or target genre styling.
• Functional Design: through ergonomic seaming, kinesio mapping, suspension without compression and anti-migration textures.
• Print Art Design: screen-print, sublimation, all-over fabric, engineered placement, embroidery and multi-media embellishment.
• Graphic Design: logos, labels, patches, hardware, hangtags, stickers, packaging, catalog, look books and IFU pamphlets.
• Fabrication Design: synthetic, natural, organic and blended materials that are yarn-dyed, piece-dyed, printed, laminated, bonded, coated, tinted, sublimated or encapsulated; wet and dry finishes, treatments, hand-processes, dying, tinting and washing.
• Present: creative direction, storyboards, tear sheets, color palettes, silhouette allocation; seasonal fabric, fit and performance parameters.
• Forecast: immerse in assigned markets and trade resources to define and forecast seasonal color, trend, silhouette and fabrication.
• Speed: to market assigned categories via CAD and illustration techniques to quickly, clearly, and concisely convey intent and vision.

Technical Design, Development & Manufacturing
• Skills: black belt in CS Illustrator and PhotoShop; master of design CAD and POM CAD creation, technical line drawings and sketching.
• Extensive experience: in best design practice, pattern making, garment fit, evaluate corrections specifications and product costing.
• Master: of pitch and approval techniques for art, screen-print, embroidery, heat transfer, sublimation and multi-media embellishments.
• Industrial garment: construction (ISO 9001 Seamology and Stitchology), grade rules and production floor and quality operations.
• Manufacturing: whole garment-seamless, wielded/sew-free, over molding, thermal transfer, seam taping and traditional needle sewing.
• Material Properties: savvy to hydrophobic, hydrophilic, thermal conductive, air-permeability, luminosity, SPF, Clo, DWR and MVTRs.
• Implement: ‘over the horizon’ technologies and innovations to provide solutions to emerging-design and manufacturing challenges.
• Formulate: and conduct laboratory and field-tests; approve prototypes, raw materials, pre-production samples and bulk fabrics.