Amy Esposito


• Over seven years of experience in marketing communications with a strong visual sense and the proven ability to translate marketing ideas and design concepts to clients. As a result, we were able to build trust and confidence to take on additional projects.
• Exemplary problem-solving skills; able to identify problems and implement corrective processes.
• Exceptionally quick ability to identify, focus, and execute pivotal priorities.
• Ability to create eye-catching and functional design concepts across various digital and social media platforms while increasing brand exposure through out.
• Able to adapt quickly both indepentally or in a team environment
• Consistently promoted a positive atmosphere in order to minimize stress and increase productivity.
• Highly organized and detail-oriented team player with over nine years experience providing thorough and constructive feedback in order to carry out both individual and group projects.
• Experience in organizational diagnosis, design, and facilitation of large-scale events and staff development activities.