Jim Callans

Jim Callans

Operations / Creative Director

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I live and work in Venice, CA as a freelance operations consultant and visual designer. My most recent employment tenure was with Dogtown Skateboards X Suicidal Tendencies brands (DTxST Distribution) commencing November 2016.

My first job title: Operations. Responsibilities include implementation and management of all inventory control software systems (retail channels, distribution, and wholesale). Oversee direct retail operations, ecommerce site, warehousing and social media. Additionally I handle HR duties, production management for hardgoods and softgoods manufacturing, and reporting for accounting.

My second job title: Creative Director for Dogtown Skateboards. My skill set includes (but is not limited to) adobe suite, graphic design, CAD, printmaking, photography, skateboard park design, and design/build. Duties include recreation of vintage artwork and separations, filming/editing of web videos, photography, ad layout, catalog design, tech packs.