Cody White


Hello there! I'm an Artist and Graphic Designer and Conscious fellow! I create designs and artwork using multiple styles
and techniques. The more I can work on art and designs that are larger than myself and effect an entire community, the
happier I am. I love the adventure of traveling and seeing new cultures and their design solutions for their unique issues.
I strive to create aesthetically pleasing design work that can stand for itself, and that is full of meaningful concept and
craft from start to finish. I am seeking opportunities that are congruent with my ideals of making work that is lasting and
positively impactful for future generations. A position where people are treated like real folks and where there is an
obvious understanding of what is really important in this life and that we should all have an efficient use of our time.
Please don't feel shy to contact me, with questions, collaborations, or freelance opportunities. Thank you much