Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson

Creative Director

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As a Creative Director with a successful history in the outdoor, action sports and footwear industries, my experience allows me to work inside endemic cultures who literally live and breath on the performance of the products they create while demanding constant innovation.

My experience has taught me to continuously push the limits beyond form and function into style, sustainability and ROI. All while producing an energetic, fun and creative work environment.

I have expertise in maximizing the talents of art directors, designers, writers and video/photographers while simultaneously advancing brand strategy to meet business objectives and ROI.

I have the proven ability to translate products developed for the most extreme conditions imaginable into brand identity and integrate that adventure into our iPhones, homes, schools, offices and lifestyles. I thoroughly believe that adventure and the journey share the same concentric circle.

The North Face® – Provided global creative direction and management for the creative team and increased Q3 2010 sales 12% in America and 28% globally.

Oakley – Lead creative direction and management for the creative team that Pitched/landed/developed the “Perform Beautifully” campaign for Oakley women’s division. Increased 2010 Q2 sales over 40%.

Mountain Hardwear – Directed global creative vision and led their rebranding initiative – redesign of print, video, online, eComm, packaging, and website.