Always looking for a creative challenge. I thrive on chaos and being thrown into something new.

I got my start in design around 1999 designing flyers for punk shows. I was 19 and was running a half-pipe in an old mechanic's garage that also had a stage for shows. I was booking the shows, taking money and running sound. I quickly graduated to Photoshop from cut-n-paste photocopy graphics and taught myself HTML to build a site for the venue. After the ramp was closed down by the cops I decided to finally go to college, for design. Shortly after I graduated, I was invited to move to LA where I've been working the last 9 years before moving back to Nebraska in Summer 2016.

In the last 10 years I've designed DVD Packaging for shows like HBO's "The Wire", TV graphics and branding for BrandX with Russell Brand on FX, layout design and art direction for High Voltage Magazine, custom gold and platinum record awards for the biggest names in music, and finally all graphics and ad mats for The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip as operations manager and head of marketing.