David Stroope


I am a social media and marketing junkie. During my professional life I have worn many hats. As I have gathered more years and notches on my belt, I have had exceptional success with growing start up businesses through social media channels. I do not only have a good track record in doing this, but it is my passion and something that I want to move forward and grow with whether it is a new brand or an existing one. I study trends, strategies, and submerge myself into anything that is marketing every chance I have. I love to take an idea, implement a plan, and then watch it grow.

I currently am the founder and CEO of FamilyShred, a family focused brand and website that displays another side of the snowboard industry. I founded FamilyShred six years ago and it has become internationally known. I did this all through self taught strategies in social media and also built and manage the website using Wordpress. I also do contract marketing and advertising for a handful of companies through my own company “Tamedog Marketing and Management”. I am responsible for the one of a kind presence that I have created through our unique marketing for my clients. This has been an exciting and fun, but I am looking for a new opportunity at this point in time.

A strong skill set, an open and creative mind, as well as superb communication are some of the many things that I can bring to the table. If you feel further steps are warranted, please contact me at 720-237-1378 or [email protected]
Thank You