Isaiah Duty


Last year I took an Entrepreneur in Residence role at Intuit. My goal at Intuit is focused on building teams and products to help grow and support the on-demand space. So far to date, I've helped build and launch Intuit Workforce (product and team). Workforce is an onboarding platform that helps startups scale and manage supply in new and existing markets. Today we currently power supply-side growth for over 100+ on-demand startups including some notable early and growth stage startups like Luxe, Deliv, OrderUp, Washio, Favor Delivery, Eden and Saucey. Prior to this, I led Lyft's expansive growth in a leadership role in Operations. I grew Lyft's presence from 6 to 70+ cities by creating and optimizing new teams (60 HQ employees to 400+, personally Hired/Trained 2 Ops Managers, 65+ Ops Associates), products and processes focused on market growth and supply. These contributions consistently doubled market, driver, and passenger numbers every 3-4 months during my time at Lyft.