Kristopher Cody Wallace


Kristopher Wallace is a Colorado native videographer/photographer. He loves being in the outdoors and doing any extreme sport he can and that is where you can usually find him. Either snowboarding in the winter or wakeboarding/hiking with his dog Marley in the summer. He has a passion for being creative and thinking outside the box, and he has always given his all in whatever he does. He has overabundance of different experiences in marketing/advertising, videography, photography and extreme sports among a lot of other creative devices. He loves what he does and why tries to share his passion with everyone he meets.

So please take the time and have a look at all his work on his website and leave a comment, please comment on anything you like or don’t like, but please say why. For the why is how we get better at what we do in life, and learn from our mistakes.

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievements and the thrill of the creative effort" - Franklin D Roosevelt