Aubree Murguia


Sports Enthusiast with experience in Leadership, Digital Marketing Strategy, Operations, and Analytics.

Top Focus Areas
Strategic Breadth: While specialization can be beneficial, I believe breadth is becoming more important in the ad space. I use my uniquely varied experience in strategy (e.g. social, digital, global, email) to better identify the true challenge(s) before crafting the optimal strategy needed to get to where we need to be as efficiently & effectively as possible.

Analytically Dominant: A determined optimist with an entrepreneurial spirit, I jump at the chance to solve an analytical puzzle. Major brands hold so much power in the market, with buying power at consumers fingertips. I believe having an analytical approach throughout the whole process helps build trust, confidence, and longevity.

Fearless Leader: Strategic problems are best approached from a lot of different angles. I try personally to develop career path agendas for each of my 10 employees tailored to their learning styles. I strive to lead by example and drive best in class service to my clients, my team, and my partners.