Stefy Bau


Bilingual: Italian and English

I am a team leader with the ability to work under pressure in any situation and keep my team together.

I analyze client needs to develop strategies and action plans that meet and exceed their requirements. I have a comprehensive understanding of the competition and market segments that help me to secure new leads for business.

I've developed analysis and insight into business performance, factors underlying performance, industry benchmarks, and lessons learned. I've developed and managed pricing and communication strategies for manufacturers, distributors, advertisers, and sponsors. I have the ability to create a budget as well as to work within the allocated budget. I have the ability to ensure that key marketing metrics are met or exceeded. I possess digital media and social media marketing techniques and skills. I can stand in front of TV crews and on conference stages with total confidence.

I learned the power of being able to adapt. I am considered a visionary. I can tailor detailed strategic plans based on what the customer/company wants to achieve while having the ability to add my personal point of view and experience to obtain the best result possible in a timely manner. I am a quick thinker and able to find solutions to any issue that may arise. I've
developed a political language as a result of being a spokesperson for many companies and government meetings. I am excellent in internet marketing; I have strong computer skills such as PowerPoint (Keynote), Word (Pages), Excel (Numbers); I shine on how to develop an engaging
website and social media platforms, etc. I have a passion for learning and the implementation of new software and hardware aimed to make each project work better.

I am a world traveler. This has taught me the skill of working and relating with different people and cultures from around the world. I am particularly interested in the electric transportation industry.