Justin Pinney

Justin Pinney

Sportswear Product Manager

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Have you ever gone for a run and wanted to stop before the first mile? Or lined up to do some squats only to hear yourself say, "I hate doing squats"? Or gone to a practice for a sport you enjoy but nonetheless, simply don't want to practice at that time? What do you do? Quit and go home, give a minimal effort and just make it through....or find a way to overcome and do your best. I've always tried to do the last, to overcome and push forward. Sometimes those endorphins kick in and the malaise is wiped out, sometimes it's a struggle to hit that extra gear. The best athletes have off days. But you don't give up and you mentally try for that push. I don't see work differently. Challenges arise all the time and you are constantly preparing yourself for those challenges not just by knowing your job but by knowing how to live your life. By knowing when and how to push yourself. I work hard to train this quality in myself and show it to the people I work with so they know they can count on me.

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging" - Joseph Campbell