Kaveh Bastani


I have worn many hats… Within Nixon I was in charge of both Canadian, then US Sales Operations and Customer Service but was moved through the ranks of my department rapidly. I transitioned multiple times through Sales Ops gaining knowledge in allocations, global service analysis and management, and account management then took a lateral move to be working as a Sales Coordinator for North American specialty accounts.

As a Sales Coordinator I spent my time tracking sales forecasting data and analyzing order trends. I supported the sales reps and managers in channel and category segmentation for a better business opportunities. I managed return to vendor percentage to uphold the bottom line. I also generated leads and help the outside sales representatives with account merchandising programs.

I currently manage the Global Sales Operations Team for Thirty Three Threads – parent company of Toesox and Tavi Noir. I have been managing production and inventory timelines as well as reporting sales data and analyzing invoice potential in order to reach maximum profitability. I manage a team of 5 individuals in Customer Service and Sales Operations. Due to the size of the organization I am able to be the operational handy man- having my hand a many different aspects of the business.

I have also had intensive coursework in, business, communications, marketing, and management as well as experience in technological software such as EDI, SAP, Excel, Navision, SQL and various spreadsheets. This has given me skills that could be very beneficial to the Nike team.

Furthermore, I love to be creative, surf, run, laugh, and spend time with unique and great people. I would be stoked to be a part of your team.