Lawrence Sim


Started with heavy scientific and computational background, getting BA and then MS in Geography with a focus on GIS and remote sensing, particularly for oceanographic applications. Followed up with work for the U.S. Dept. of Energy creating oil spill simulations for risk analysis which included heavy coding and programming. Meanwhile, as a hobby and in ancillary classes, pursued interests in design, particularly graphic and for web. Maintains a personal website ( with various projects on display, both created on the side and for classes while in school. Desires to move back to world of snow, surf, and/or general outdoors which holds passions. Spend fours years in Santa Barbara where surf was a mere walk away. Had a taste of working at a ski-resort (Squaw Valley during epic 2010-11 winter). Recently gotten a taste of alpine mountaineering and snowboard mountaineering - not the best at it but made descent from summit of Mt Hood, more planned for future. Anything in those industries or applicable to would be fantastic. Complete gear nut, can talk you gear off about subtle differences in snowboard sidecut or grain orientation in the core or different outwear laminates - would love to work hands on with such things some day.