Jill Iannazzi


I have extensive experience in both retail planning and business analysis. Additionally, I have a strong background in store operations and development with new store openings. As the Store Manager my duties include maintaining all store operations and goals, resulting in driving sales and ensuring a profitable store. I have extensive experience in retail planning, store operations, and management. While doing so, I project quarterly sales and payroll goals through detailed math and calculations. I structure store sales planning to adequately analyze through a detailed sales ledger. I have developed detailed sales, payroll, and hiring forecasting charts to show anticipating store needs and planning. In my duties, I have created outlines for month and quarter sales through daily breakdowns to ensure the store meets our goals. My management skills have also been used to structure quarterly hiring forecasting charts to show anticipating store needs and planning. Additionally, I have overseen recapping of store operations, allocations, and sales tracking to communicate with my District and corporate office. I have extensive experience utilizing and managing the use of weekly sales reports to track, analyze and communicate business results, as well as determine strategies to maximize sales. I have partnered with the District Manager to complete weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning. My quarterly planning includes Merchant Tracking, Sales Ledger TYLY, Velocity Reports, Expense Reports, Payroll, and Weekly Store TB Forms. I have led, mentored, and motivated the team regarding all aspects of leadership, visual execution and expectations through a strong sense of ownership and delegation. My responsibilities also have included facilitating hiring and recruiting while actively attracting and attaining talent. I have effectively managed and educated the staff on all accessible training processes and development. With a background in Human Resources, I have also developed new hire training for the NYC District Urban Inc. brand. My background in the fashion industry also includes Store Development. I have supported 3 different stores in renovations that included store location move, new store opening, and a design renovation. My first experience was helping Anthroplogie Boston move locations. This involved closing a store, moving all merchandise and product, and setting visual expectations within the new location. Next, I assisted in the opening of the new Free People location in Rockefeller Plaza. I supported the team in product preparation, store layout, and operational planning. Most recently, I have been a part of a store renovation at Free People 5th Avenue. Through this experience I have worked closely with the renovation team while maintaining store sales and daily goals. My extensive experience with Store Development has allowed me to manage operations and effectively prepare new store openings. I have extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications, as well as the Adobe Suite, in addition to creative design capabilities. The combination of my background and experience would make me a viable candidate for the position. It would be an honor to bring my skills to your company.