I am originally from France and I have been in the US for the past seven years. I am fluent in French, English, and Spanish. I was a high-level student-athlete in France and got recruited to play DI college tennis at Indiana University. I have experience in communications, DI college coaching, and management. I graduated from IU with a degree in journalism and Spanish and then moved to NYC, where I worked with World Team Tennis, CBS Sports, and PR agency. Then I became head coach of three DI college tennis teams, Wagner College in NYC, University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, and University of Texas El Paso. I also just earned my master’s degree in Movement Sciences from University of Idaho. I also have entrepreneurial experience, as I developed the marketing campaign for Odyssey Tennis Academy, the tennis academy I founded with my brother in 2013. I am very motivated and I want to learn from the best and most creative experts in the PR and marketing field. I am a good writer, and I am skilled at social media and computer software. I am also passionate about effective communications and knowledgeable about sports and more particularly tennis, therefore it is a natural move for me to look to return into sports communications, which is a perfect fit for my personality and background. However, I am not restricted to it and would love to explore different accounts and work in partnership with multiple clients from various backgrounds. I am very interested in event marketing and developing strong relationships with accounts and clients, with many face-to-face interactions and promotional events. I am trilingual in French, English, and Spanish, therefore I have developed many connections in several countries, and could be a great help in developing connections with local media from various backgrounds. I believe my multilingual skills and various connections worldwide could help bring a “fresh eye” and creative ideas to an innovative communications company. I really like companies that are “cooperative” and “team-work” oriented, such as Lagardere Unlimited. As a former student-athlete and still high-level tennis player, I am used to work and perform in teams, I am very driven and competitive, and I have this inner “fighter” mentality that is key in highly-competitive communications agencies. I think my experience as an athlete plus my journalistic background and social media experience would be a great fit for communications and marketing companies.