Shawn Misra


Working my way up as a self-supporting student, I attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in Economics/Business Management. . I have successfully completed a campaign in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I was an International Sales and Marketing Representative for a company that was expanding across the United Arab Emirates and to Egypt and Nigeria. I handled everything from account data basing, customer service, branding, promoting, and distribution channel integration. I successfully completed this assignment with flying colors. During the last four years on an as available basis, I have been managing a service oriented company called “Hard Hits Marketing”; helping small business owners develop and promote their business. I define the market, prepare sales and marketing material, build data base of potential clients and manage their websites. I occasionally assist in their financial book keeping also. My goals are to assist my employer in growing both domestic and international territories, creating lasting relationships, and ensuring that my employer attains the largest marketshare.