Liberty Edman

Liberty Edman

Graphic Design, Social Media, Client relations

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If I had to give myself one title, I couldn’t. I am so many things; a creative thinker, content creator, graphic designer, relationship-builder, social media specialist, stylist, assistant, friend, and lover of life. Along with a passion for art, fashion, and current technology, I have many years of experience in client relations, retail, fashion, administration and hospitality. A true Jackie of All Trades.

The ultimate goal? Balance.

My ideal industry? Fashion, Beauty, Sports, or Lifestyle. Ultimately, I would like to create a path in which I can combine my technical experience, creative eye, and zest for life! I think that hands-on experience, knowledge, and versatility are crucial to staying valuable and relevant which is why I have worked hard to build skills across the board. I would say I am someone who is innovative, hard-working, and consistently setting new goals. The work I do for others is no different than the work I do for myself.

Currently seeking work. Design + Social Media + M@rketing + Client Relations

Location: OC - LA