Patrick Torres-Wright


Patrick is a multidisciplinary leader with over 13 years of experience in creative and strategic marketing for top global brands. His career has been focused on creating compelling visual brand stories at the crossroads of technology and lifestyle fashion. This dynamic career path has lead him to build and direct creative teams both large and small. His career goals are to help brands make impactful creative decisions that build longevity and vertical growth. His perspective on creative direction has been developed and honed through his diverse range of experiences. From luxury brand Oliver Peoples / Mosley Tribes, California lifestyle icon Stussy, entrepreneurial giving company TOMS, global tech lifestyle brand INCASE, and sport performance eyewear icon OAKLEY. His experiences at these innovative and progressive companies have taught him to think differently when it comes to developing marketing directives and executing creative campaigns.

- Strategic
- Responsibility
- Arranger
- Maximizer
- Ideation

- Creative Vision & Strategy for a digital world.
- Emotional Intelligence
- Photography & Video Direction
- Story Boards
- Building Creative Teams
- Creative Team Management & Mentoring
- Print and Digital Communication
- E-Commerce / DTC Strategy
- Brand Creation and Identity Design
- Strategic Partnerships
- Strategic Marketing
- Social Engagement
- Trend Analysis
- Brand Redevelopment
- Eyewear Product Development
- Copywriting
- Direct Mail strategy
- Demographic targeting
- Product styling