Eric Gulino


"Eric is a unicorn. A perfect blend of personality, intelligence and drive. He is able to lead teams that deliver premium digital and social experiences backed by data-driven insights”
Andrea Pederson, Digital Business Partner, Virgin Atlantic

"Eric is impressive. So much so that I remember the exact meeting when he and I first met. We were working on brand realignment for Mazda, our particular meeting was to discuss social strategy during a phase when both client and agency were crossing over to new DMP’s, exploring new mechanics and new ways of working. Tons of pressure, many unknowns, masses of questions being lobbed into the discussion, and my learning curve in this was a very steep trajectory. As a result I threw in a number of ridiculous recommendations, and asked asked a bunch of stupid questions. (And too few good ones). Yet Eric treated each with astuteness, tact, respect and professionalism. And through this response he displayed his own thought-leadership, his mastery of digital, and his excellent communication skills. In this and subsequent meetings he helped to bring to life suggestions and prompts of mine that would not have recognized as having value, by a lesser partner. While I didn’t manage Eric, we collaborated on many projects. He is smart, steadfast, with an easy temperament, and I really enjoyed working with him. Eric commands respect (and additionally, from my experience, gratitude) from his co-workers. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, and would want him by my side in the trenches."
Erich Funke, Executive Creative Director, WPP Agency

“Eric was always a highly responsive agency partner, a problem solver, quick to put together creative ideas and briefs with his team, and amazing at managing digital projects with very little turnaround time. Any creative agency or organization would be lucky to add him to their team.”
Lara MacKenzie, Director of Communications, HP

“Eric Gulino is a leader. He is equal parts encouraging, supportive and motivating. Eric extends his reach beyond his immediate responsibilities and looks for opportunity to improve the business. He is a cultivator of talent and a huge asset to morale. He is able to balance bravery and accountability with ease. Ultimately, not only does he make the business better, but he makes the people around him better.”
Shareen Hill, Senior Strategist, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Along with his kindness and leadership in workplace, I would not hesitate to recommend Eric… He exhibits great leadership abilities and can work well alone or in a group setting.”
Jeremy Blossom, CEO, Strikepoint Media

“Eric is a strategic thinker and understands marketing operations. He's worked on many product launches for our clients in the consumer, commercial and enterprise technology space. I have no doubt he will flourish and be a valuable asset on the agency or client side.”
Cliff Pia, CCO & Principal, CreativeDrive

“From web, to print, digital and video, Eric's leadership has ensured we received world class creative, on time and under budget.”
Matt Fritsch, Director of Marketing, Riskalyze

“He is wise, innovative, business savvy, cares deeply for the people and brands he works with and, above all, is someone you want in your corner fighting for you.”
Mike Farnham, Managing Director, VeracityColab

“I kid you not, Eric is a ‘Business Whisperer.’ I’ve never met a man so commanding yet gentle, caring yet strong, creative yet strategic.”
Max Page, Creative Director, VeracityColab

“He is confident, honest, and a strong communicator. You were never concerned about a project or client that Eric led. He has a skill for forming lasting client relationships and leads strong with bold strategy.”
Nate Rupple, CEO, UpSide

"Working with Eric was always a pleasure. He definitely had a way of working with clients and the production team to make things as seamless as possible. He also understood the constraints of what he was asking for which showed that he was invested in the projects at every turn. He could have just come in, asked for suggestions on things and then regurgitated that information but he never did that. This is something I always appreciated in working with him as I could tell he was a team player through and through."
Chrissy Winchak, Program Manager, iCrossing

“I was always impressed by Eric's ability to handle even the toughest clients—and with ease. That skill often takes years to develop in the agency world, but it seemed to come as second nature to him.”
Aaron Zide, Sr. Art Director, Kareo

"Eric provides strong thought leadership as he guides both client and internal teams through challenging situations. He is a forward-thinking team player. He’s also a digital expert, and truly understands all digital channels."
Erica Kim, Brand Director, Innocean