Maria Dale


I am a seasoned Sales Analyst with in depth experience in the Outdoor and Water Sports Industries and omni channel and unified commerce business models. My experience includes sell-in and sell-through analytics, demand planning, forecasting, margin and ROI analysis, data mining in multiple BI platforms, ad hoc reporting, customized dashboards, managing an Inside Sales Team, BI system processes, maintaining database integrity, auditing, and sales administration. I am also a Trailblazer and I am Google Advanced Analytics Certified.
I am a true utility player with a strong multi-faceted skill set that quickly becomes the expert to whom people rely on for reporting visibility of business performance. I am highly analytical but also extremely creative and work well in dynamic environments where adaptability is imperative. I take great pride in creating deliverables that are insightful, meaningful, and relevant, and I am very passionate about ensuring success of the company I work for and my peers.