Taryn Do

Taryn Do

Curious Creative

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I aspired to not only develop and challenge myself personally, but also artistically and creatively. I love finding vibrancy and color in people, places, stories and in everyday life. I have always been drawn to jobs that combine creativity and connecting with people. I enjoy being in a creative space where I am able to bounce off imaginative ideas and create experiences that are moving and authentic. My hope is that whereever I go and whatever I create I am able to touch people’s lives in some way or another; whether it be putting a smile on someone’s face or inspiring someone to get out and do something.

Gaining a deep understanding of the world through travel has always been a passion of mine. Traveling the world has opened my eyes to the incredible diversity of peoples, cultures, tastes, sounds and experiences. My journeys have inspired me to seek a role where I can bring this intimate, multidimensional perspective to my work in order to create ideas and events that are inclusive, dynamic and innovative

A few of my passions: healthy lifestyles, traveling, creating, crafting, art, yoga, mindfulness, people, relationships, food