Taryn Do

Taryn Do

Project Management // Event Management // Account Management

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My background is in marketing/creative with an emphasis on project management, but I want to move towards a role that allows me to be more creative and touch people’s lives through imaginative marketing and creating events that are moving and authentic. I want to be able to invest in a job and a team where I can inspire, uplift, and in some way impact people’s lives in a positive manner.

I love finding vibrancy and color in life, people, business, and stories. I have always been drawn to jobs that combine creativity and connecting with people. Traveling the world for six months opened my eyes to the incredible diversity of peoples, cultures, tastes, sounds and experiences of Southeast Asia, Morocco, Europe, and India. My journeys have inspired me to seek a role where I can bring this new, multidimensional, intimate perspective to my work in order to create projects and ideas that are inclusive, dynamic, and innovative.

A few of my passions: healthy lifestyles, traveling, creating, crafting, art, yoga, mindfulness, people, relationships