Elliot Bollefer


I have multiple years of experience in Visual and Merchandising for both very large and small retailers. It is a fast-paced, reactionary facet of an always-moving industry and my experience has taught me the importance of strategy, adaptability, organization, multi-tasking, flexibility, resource allocation, long-term goals, short-term priorities, and leadership through dedication, positivety and optimism. Whether you need a floor plan, a concept, some curation, a campaign roll out, an event set up, or if you just need it to stick to a wall, hang from the ceiling, light-up or both, I will provide you with a solution. Through dedication and hard work I have garnered a reputation of reliability.

I have:

• Managed $8 million inventory, totaling over $13 million in gross sales.
• Drafted seasonal selling floor plans, planned vendor adjacencies. Outlined and executed floor moves through organization, establishing deadlines, allocating resources.
• Managed, scheduled, trained, coached and set priority for team of direct-reports.
• Planned merchandise setup for monthly promotions, bi-quarterly selling events. Set promotional & sale signage.
• Created shops to differentiate lifestyle concepts or vendor identity within department store setting. Forecasted production needs, sourced orders of supplies and equipment.
• Interpreted national brand and campaign strategy and implemented them in local setting.
• Identified trends, styled mannequins and updated fashion statements, setup pop-up trend shops. Set cosmetics events and graphics changes.
• Managed warehouse, shipping receiving operations. Processed shipments, managed receiving team, placed merchandise on sales floor, organized stockroom.
• Planned and painted murals