Rodrigo Ungaro


Working in the action sport industry is what I always dreamed, I always knew that here is where I want to work and where I’ll do my best. Here is my place and where I find my way of making a big difference and people all around will notice.

I have my degree in Advertising specializing in Creativity and Production and I've previously worked in BIG advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Mathers and Leo Burnet as a Creative mind, Copywriter, Producer, and Creative Planner so I understand a lot about marketing, creativity, art direction, production, design and the know how of "big brands" work. I stopped working in those big agencies because I decided to be where I can be more creative and also pursue what I always wanted to do.

Also I’m an action sports photographer. I did some action surf photography workshops, one with Art Brewer in Puerto Rico and the other one with Brian Bielmann (Transworld Surf Magazine) and Michael Clark in the North Shore, Oahu.

I grew up practicing action sports like surf, paragliding, kitesurf, motocross, enduro, climbing, skateboarding, snowboard, downhill and some others. This lifestyle made me who I am today and action sports became my passion and I know it will always be, and I would be proud to work for this industry and I’ll do my best everyday doing the things that I really love. I really think that because of my backgrounds and lifestyle I am highly capable to work at the action sports/adventure/outdoors industry. This is where I'll find a company where I understand the environment that it’s in and also I’ve seen the evolution of the industry.

My photography portfolio is on my website and it shows a small peek of what I do.

If you require any further information or references, please do not hesitate to contact me.