Lance Freitag


My portfolio site - Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I'm now a working artist and designer residing in Los Angeles, California. As a Texas boy at heart, I have stayed close to my roots, drawing from my life experiences growing up in the somewhat “wild and crazy” state that I call home. My art has had me working on a wide range of projects, engaging in art direction, graphic design, illustration, photography, spray and mix-media painting, as well as custom automotive and motorcycle painting. I like to be a part of as many different creative experiences as possible—the change of scenery keeps me engaged. Whether it's vintage imagery, vintage advertising, or old school tattoos, I take my inspiration from the things around me, past and present. I’ve had the privilege of being the Art Director at Caulfield Preparatory and The Sinclair Mfgrp. from 2009-2011. Their high-end clothing lines are sold in 60+ stores, including Neiman Marcus,, and The Blue Jean Bar. I've become well-versed in creating look books, press releases, and visual materials to represent the brand to buyers. I have also freelanced with Mossimo at Modern Amusement, producing t-shirt graphics for three seasons. In 2010, I received my BFA in Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design, while simultaneously working freelance, producing work for professional companies and developing personal pieces.