Elizabeth K. Abreu


Welcome to a brief look at my professional experience. The first occupation I held was in 2005, at 15 years old, at a women’s shoe store, located in the Napa Valley where I grew up. My career and life quickly evolved from that point. I attended FIDM in San Francisco, then went on to study Marketing at the University of San Francisco. Shortly after graduating in 2015, I began my professional career in apparel working as an Account Manager at a luxury consignment e-commerce site. During this time I also started to develop a set of personal core values. Having aa rough draft of core values and a romanticized idea of a start-up environment led me to a (at the time) small Men’s lifestyle apparel company that ended up being the greatest, scrappiest, hardest career experience I’ve had thus far. Brining my career timeline to the present, 2020. My approach to business has become methodical, meticulous, and meaningful. While my design development has been mad, emotional, and wildly creative.