Casey McDonald

Casey McDonald


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Entrepreneurial Spirit, Creative Artist, Designer, Collaborator, Visionary and a Fearless Go-Getter!

I am a creative innovator. I'm resourceful, keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in fashion, graphics, web and online social networking and marketing. I love working closely with clients and businesses to create innovative, effective design that focuses on art and production. I have a strong multi-tasking attitude, meet deadlines in a timely manner and carry a strong entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit.

I am looking to expand my knowledge and work in a career that is supportive to my creative outlets and offers more experience within my field!

Born and raised in San Diego, California.
I started Voltage Coil in February 2010, giving my art life through the market in both men's and woman's fashion.

I create, design, and construct for every piece made for my clients/customers. Each piece is a one of a kind, with the exception of a few multiples. Voltage Coil's wearable art is precisely handcrafted from the specific trimmings and hardware to the fabric and material choices to the pattern and design.

I am a fashion/costume designer, who is self-taught and pushing the boundaries between art and fashion.
Fashion is a labor of love for me and my creations become my art from my hands to your heart!

My Recent Achievements:

Shrine of Hollywood exclusive pieces for their women’s wear line.
Personal wardrobe and set costumer for actors;
Judy Ann Warren and Rhys Wakefield for House Cat Production in Hollywood.
Jordu Schell “renowned Monster Sculptor and Concept Artist for Film & TV 20+ experience.”
I worked simultaneously with Jordu to create an exclusive costume for a collectible monster
sculpture for Monster Palooza in Hollywood.
Music Video Custom Costumery and Wardrobe for Dolce Ador and Krista Richards & Kyoshi.