Margaret C. Munoff (Maggie)


Creativity is what I value most in life, whether it is something I have produced or something produced by another. I want to find a career in which I am able to explore in depth our constantly changing cultural landscape and learn what ultimately unifies people across gender and socioeconomic lines. The youth of this country are standing at the edge of a great decision - to either let technology and social media further isolate us and weaken our ability to relate to one another, or to make it work for us and our ideas. My first experiences within marketing, production and promotion have exposed me to new friends, bands and visual artists, and from there I began working to give these people a voice because they were not being represented in mainstream media. At age fifteen, I was promoting for record labels, as well as many unknown independent bands that have since become household names. From there, it has spiraled into something else - a desire to turn my passion for the arts into a career. I thrive in an environment where there are constantly shifting and evolving projects for which a knowledge of multiple areas is necessary. My proven ability to adapt to pretty much any kind of working conditions makes me a great candidate to take out on mobile tours or on-location shoots.