Neil Pommier


My professional career has consisted of me working with companies that I felt made the most financial sense, instead of following my passions. I have done great professionally for myself and every company I have worked for, but I have not been able to fully love the products that I have been selling.Growing up in the Southern California, I was raised with the deep connection to the action sports industry. I want to return to my roots and connect my professional and lifestyle worlds together. My professional goal is to follow my passion and sell products that I live, love, and have much knowledge and cultural connection to. With my sales and marketing experience working with in a number of competitive B2B industries, I will bring an unmatched set of B2B sales skills and my charismatic personality, partnered with extensive first-hand insight of business and savvy innovation. My strengths lie in my tenacious closing and communication skills, organization and goal setting, creativity and competitive work ethic. My entrepreneurial talent and high energy will help to seek out opportunities and target prospective vertical markets. I have a natural ability to lead and multitask, which has helped me to secure a position as a consultant at a PR firm where I manage the publicists sales training, prospecting and closing, while keeping my sales numbers high and remaining the leading salesman of screening medical devices at my company. I can guarantee you that you will never have another employee like me, who has enriched himself and succeeded in many diverse and extremely competitive sales industries, with the ability to connect with any audience on any level.