Colin Clarke


Throughout the past 10 years, I have been involved in the action sports industry as both an athlete and brand ambassador for a variety of action sports companies including: Solomon, Bonfire, Stepchild, Bataleon, Giro, Imperial Motion, Trew Outerwear, Hydroflask, Rockstar, Carlrton Dry, Nectar Sunglasses, Fyve Snowboards, and more. My experience has helped me develop a unique understanding of the action sports industry both from an athletes standpoint and from the marketing and sales side of the market. My athletic career started out while I was attending college at OSU Cascades in Bend, OR. While attending college, I participated in as much snowboard contests as I could while maintaining my academic studies. I developed many local connections in the community, started winning local snowboard contests, and was offered athletic sponsorships. I graduated in the Fall of 2010 and proceeded to move to Lake Tahoe, CA to peruse my athletic dream. All throughout college and while I was perusing my athletic career, I was highly involved in the marketing aspect of the industry. Part of my sponsorship agreements usually included generating video content for the companies that I was working with to use for their marketing channels. I linked up with local filmers who provided me with a low cost option for getting footage. I would then take that footage, and use a variety of programs in the Adobe Creative Suite to generate a finished product that they could post on their website and social forums. Ive been generating videos for approximately 10 years and have refined and developed my video editing and motion graphics tactics. During this time, was involved in many self study courses from online software training offered through Over this time span, I developed skills using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Light-room, and Illustrator. As I approach 30, I am transitioning from the athletic side of the action sports industry to the professional side. It is my goal to work on the professional side of the action sports industry to further my understanding of marketing and media. I would be thrilled to apply my skills and further my education while attaining employment in my field.