Aaron Gomez


I am currently in charge of the marketing efforts at DVS Shoe Company. I am responsible for coordinating the teams - hiring on videographers & photographers for our shoots and aligning schedules, driving and maintaining company vehicles, planning & executing all team trips. Also responsible for their e-commerce - maintaining the product is up to date on the website with images, descriptions, pricing & also the blog is up to date. Part of my job includes organizing & shipping samples to media for product reviews, contacting media for team news & updates. I also manage the @dvsskateboarding @dvsshoes handles (instagram, Facebook & twitter) & social promotions.

My role at FvS media is day to day maintenance of the social media accounts of their clients, some of which include @dannyway, @chriscobracole, @toreypudwill, @plg. @theotisbeasley to name a few. I coordinate with the athletes sponsors, plan & execute online giveaways with the purpose of email data collection. When special events are on, I manage the social efforts during the events including Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, Street League.