Andrew Mutty


Hello, I have been working within the action sports industry for over a decade. In my ten plus years of experience I have managed and executed on many levels of marketing, product, sales, design, photo/video, and more. I have been involved in the development of brands from the ground up and helped rebrand/rebuild challenged and failing brands' images and reputations with much success. I enjoy being involved at a hands on level with many elements in flux, and working to accomplish a positive outcome brings me great pleasure. My overall goals are to be involved with a progressive, and forward thinking company, that exudes a positive working environment and is not afraid to change and look at the "box" in a different way. I believe I would be a benefit to any brand looking for a fresh face and bright new ideas. Thanks - AM (Personal detailed bio provided below) Andrew Mutty Personal Bio- My life is born in sports. I don't say that because I think that is how the label fits, or what you want to hear, but thats just who I am. To me its about the lifestyle we live, and the freedom of expression in our sports and not so much about the "extreme" persona that exists within the commercialized popular label, "Action Sports". It all started for me trying hockey, football and baseball. Competitive team sports just didn't feel inherent within my nature. My true sports addiction was found at nine years old when I fell in love with skateboarding. From that day forward I never looked back. At age eleven my mom bought me my first snowboard and I knew after that season in 1990 this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have always found interest in other "action sports" and had fun with box, dirt bike, surfing, and mountain biking. Through these sports I found anything that could give me a natural rush was worth getting into. I loved snowboarding and found that in the North East we could get into it wherever there was a slope and snow. At the age of sixteen I found success in the east coast contest scene, and was approached by my first sponsor EZ-Rider Snowboard shop. Little did I know this would set the stage for the rest of my life. The shop introduced me to my first sponsor, Ride Snowboards, and thats where I connected with my idols that rode for the industries leading brand. If this was my one chance I knew I could only do my best to make it. My first printed image was found in the Ride Snowboards Catalog, and I knew that would be the beginning of a journey that would lead to much more. At the age of twenty two I had countless pages of snowboarding editorial written about what I had accomplished on a snowboard which climaxed with a cover on the Buyers Guide of the 2001 Snowboarder magazine. After EZ Rider closed their doors, I found a new sponsor with Original Sin Snowboards and worked closely with the brand on a global basis. Being eighteen and spending months on the road opened my eyes to the world I would later know to be my industry career. In 2004, my original Team Manger at EZ rider called me up and offered me a position as Flow Snowboarding's Team Manager. This position transformed my career from an athlete to an industry day to day routine. I spent six years at Flow fully engaged in all aspects of the brand. My focus was expanding the team development, contributing to marketing programs and hands-on participation in product development. These team efforts ultimately reshaped the brand's position in the marketplace and gained Flow a lot of attention as one of the upcoming and premiere companies within the snow sports network. During my time at Flow I worked nights and weekends to bring life to a young team rider's family-owned hobby business and transform it into an industry trend-setting marque. The NXTZ brand reinvented winter neck wear products with new technical fabrics and sublimated graphics that all other companies in the space quickly started to follow. NXTZ was a small and limber business, allowing us to manufacture small runs and satisfy the collaboration needs of customers like Oakley, HCSC, NIKE, and many others. This brand ultimately caught the eye of Flow, and in 2009 the brand was acquired by Flow Sports as an accessory brand to complement their line of hard goods. In 2010, I ventured out on my own to follow my passions of producing content and providing freelance work as a marketer and video production specialist. Over the past 5 years I have worked with domestic and international clients hired to contribute to athlete support, marketing development, video production and a variety of other critical in-house operations. Clients include; Nike, SWIX, Kryptonite, NBC/Alli, ESPN, Bern Unlimited, GoPro, Smith, Grind Media, and more. The 2016 year proves to be an exciting year. I would like to build upon my professional career and expand my knowledge base with new challenges and opportunities that help another brand succeed. Full time, part time, freelance, and or consulting work is welcome. Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.