Nicholas Emmett


Hello, My name is Nick Emmett , i am a Graphic Designer . I currently live and work in southern California. Outside from that i currently work part time at Home Depot as a Sales Associate in the Appliances department. I am also a freelance Designer and i have been freelancing for about 6 years now. I enjoy the challenge that freelancing has to bring with each new job that i take on , and seeing each clients view on what they are looking for in their project.


One of my main interests is considering the visual aspect of logos — its relation to the content, color, shapes and the meaning it impact on communication and perception by different people and their cultures... I a true believer in the importance of a brain storm approach and come up with a verity of designs that are highly indicative of its subject to assure welcoming and effective communication and what that company is trying to represent. I love eye catching designs that also have warmth, a strong sense of personality that speak the true style of that business that it represents.


I love taking on the challenge of logo and poster design within many different styles. One of my favorite things is logo concept and t-shirt design, whether it may be a simple design or a complex design with a lot of detail. I always am studying different logos , posters , t-shirt design and seeing how they work with the assigned company. I am also interested in branding and building a companies image from the ground up.