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Scott Stewart


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I'm a surfing fanatic, multi faceted go getter, and artist of all sorts that is interested in working with like minded individuals who want to create a positive impact in the world. I'm seeking an environment where I can put my relevant skills to task, while I learn from those around me. At this point in life, I know I'm pretty flexible and have skills that can fill a variety of needs; I know I enjoy helping others and am talented at customer service. I'm extremely passionate and driven in what I set out to do, and I also enjoy being part of a team to accomplish goals.

I want to be a viable candidate for a company that embodies values I consider important; teamwork, competition, & ethics.

I'm a proactive self starter who seeks out work to do. When I don't have work to do, I try and find more; if I can't, I ask my current employer if I can have more work to do. Working hard and seeing results is what brings me satisfaction. I want to work for a company that utilizes me to the best of my ability while I learn more from them and grow. I believe work is a trade off of more than time and money, but also knowledge and passion.

I believe I am talented at interfacing with people of all backgrounds; my time life guarding in South Orange County required positive and effective interaction with people from all over the world. Furthermore at Used Surf, I have helped a variety of people from all over the world, as the shop is an international destination of sorts for traveling surfers. I am adept at dealing with people that have different cultural backgrounds. I am almost conversationally fluent in Spanish, and I am working to learn more since I believe it is a valuable language in this industry due to the emergence of surfing being a popular sport in many Spanish speaking countries. I'm also relatively experienced in basic administrative responsibilities after having worked for nearly a year as an administrative assistant for a CPA.

At the end of the day... I'm a surfer, musician of various sorts, massive surf nerd, and a ding repair artist :)