Sarah Huston

Sarah Huston

Graphic Designer

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Sarah Huston is a Creative Director/Designer hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia, but based in Venice, California. With skills across graphic, digital and product design, as well as photography, illustration and copywriting, Sarah is able to tackle any project no matter the creative needs.

As a skateboarder Sarah sees the world a little differently; flat concrete becomes a canvas and stairs are not just for walking down. This alternate perspective translates into her creative work where she is able to look at a problem from a new angle to find a unique outcome. An advocate for minimalism and a true believer that less is often more, Sarah seeks out simple solutions to complex problems.

In 2016 Sarah created Yeah Girl, an international women’s skate photography exhibition which she continues to tour throughout the world. Handling everything from the creative direction and marketing, to curation and project management, Sarah considers this project the lovechild of her two greatest passions – skateboarding and design.

When she is not working on design projects, Sarah is collecting stamps (in her passport – c’mon!) and finding inspiration around the world with her camera in one hand and skateboard in the other.